Our Targets

The number of deaf people in Nepal is estimated to be around 200000 ( two
hundred thousand ).  Without basic education and skill, they cannot find any kind of work to support their live.  They are compelled to  live a miserable life with little support from their family. In many cases, they are neglected by their own family members. So the newly set up creative hand of deaf women aims at resolving this humanitarian issue.  In order to address this problem, CHDW intends to mobilize internal as well as external support to address this problem.

At its initial stage, it targets to gather 5 to 10 deaf women aged  between 16  and 35 years and provide them trainings in sewing, knitting etc. It will gradually increase the number year by year.



Every year, a detailed evaluation of CHDW’s work performance will be conducted by an independent team of evaluators. It will prepare a report on the completed works which will be submitted to respective donors as feed backs.  It will seek donors’ further cooperation and direction so as to boost its future activities.