Getting Involved / Donate

In Nepal deaf people are facing many challenges. In this country the major problem include lack of Nepali sign language. Many deaf are born in hearing families and they don’t send them to school. So they grown up without sign language as well as they cannot communicate with families and other deaf also. Without sign language and communication they cannot get any work so that they have to dependent upon their families.

Due to the political condition in Nepal, it is impossible to obtain government support. Nepali government has been unstable over the past 13 years, with fighting between military and rebel forces. But now a peace process in place, and there is even a deaf member of the parliament that is writing remains unstable.

We, Creative Hands of Deaf Women protect and promote the deaf women and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing people in Nepal. We teach them sign language as well as train in different activities so that it will help their life self dependent.

We are a non-profit organization established in 2011 and organized by seven women.  Among them, four are deaf and three are hearing. We would be very grateful if you are willing to donate for our organization. If you want to send your donation, please deposit the amount in the following bank account:

Name of the Bank:     Nepal Investment Bank Ltd
A/C Holder's Name:    Creative Hands of Dead Women
A/C number:           00401010254090