About Us

Creative Hands of Deaf Women (CHDW) is a non-profit social organization devoted to the vulnerability of deaf women by providing them training’s and various kinds of support.


Women with hearing disabilities in need live independent and enjoying their dignity life.


The CHDW is to help protect and promote the deaf women’s linguistic rights in Nepal.  Many people are living a pitiable life due to deafness and impaired hearing. We teach them sign language and give them training in different skills so that they can engage in some income generating activities and become self dependent. That’s the main thing our entire efforts and enterprise are focused upon.


Women with hearing disabilities need are transformed through Sign Language, Vocational training and life skill training.

Company Overview

In Nepal, deaf people are facing many challenges. The major problem include lack of materials to learn sign language in Nepali. Many deaf people are born in hearing families and they don’t send them to school due to impaired hearing and are neglected. So they grow up without sign language.  They cannot communicate with each other among family members and  other deaf people. Without knowing sign language for communication, they cannot get work. So they have to  totally depend upon other members of  the family.

Due to many social problems created by continued political instability in the country,  it is impossible for deaf people to obtain any kind of support from the government.  Although, the country is now said to be in peace process, it hasn’t been able to find any political outlet so far. The Constituent Assembly, too, has failed  to  make  the new constitution.  Instead,  CA itself  has been dissolved which has put the country’s future in confusion.


Creative Hands of Deaf Women is a non-profit social organization established in 2011. It’s organized by seven women, among them four are deaf and three are hearing. Before establishing this office we were working in deaf association which was assisted by Swedish government for 19 years. After the project ended, we made up our mind to help the deaf women.  In order to put our experience in this field and put it for the benefit of needy people through this project, we established this creative hands of deaf women (CHDW). Since its establishment, we are working hard to empower the deaf people and improve their life style. So we are looking for the support from around the world. CHDW itself had no income source of its own to implement project the project activities neither the government provides any assistance.

Therefore, CHDW need your valuable supports to help run this project. It has so many ideas and programs to how to help the deaf women of  Nepal. At present, there are eight (10) deaf students who are receiving our support.


Deaf Story

Kachan Karmacharya is a 40-year-old deaf woman from Kumaripati, Lalitpur. She was born in 2033 B.S. She has five members in the family including mother, two sister and younger brother. She has no well education because due to lack of awareness and education to her family. Due to lack of Nepali sign language, she was not able to well communication with other person. She also has been rape. After a police case, she come to know about creative hands of deaf organization. She gets training from Creative Hands of deaf Women on Nepali Sign language, Skill Development training. She is more interest in cooking. Therefore, we CHDW provide cooking training to her and engage in job. Now, she is working in Sotai Japanese Physiotherapy as a cooker. She is satisfied with what she is doing and she is happy. She believes that education is important for the deaf people also. The best thing about her is that she has confident in here, that she able to generated income.

Sarita Chaguti is a 24 year old deaf women and physically disabilities from Bhaktapur. She was born in 2049 B.S. She has five family members in the family including mom, dad, younger brother and sister. Due to her hearing disabilities problem family used to discrimination in her family. In addition, she has an operation on her leg due to careless from her family. Later, she know that our organization Creative Hands of Deaf Women working for deaf women from Bhaktapur CBR. She came to CHDW. We provide training on Nepali Sign Language and Skill Development Training on sewing. After training, we CHDW engage her at Bhumi Handicraft for the job. She starts working from 2015. She is satisfied with what she is doing and she is happy.