The Target Group

Target Group

Creative Hand of Deaf Women is a heartily new organization and the objective of this organization is to gaather deaf women of age 16 to 35 yrs from all over Nepal.

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We are a non-profit organization established in 2011 and organized by 7 women. Among them, 4 are deaf and 3 are hearing. We would be very grateful if you are willing to donate for our organisation. To donate us, please deposit the amount in the following bank account:

Bank: Nepal Investment Bank Ltd
Address: Lalitpur Sub-Metropolis, Pulchowk
A/C Holder's Name: Creative Hands of Deaf Women
A/C number: 00401010254090


Upliftment of deaf women

Creative Hands of Deaf Women (CHDW) is a non-profit organization established in 2011. It is organized by seven women,  Among them,  four  are deaf and three are hearing. Before establishing this organization, we were working in Deaf Association of Nepal which was assisted by Sweden for 19 years. When the project work ended last year,  the deaf and hearing women working in that organization  established Creative Hands of Deaf Women (CHDW) with great zeal and aspiration to help this cause.

Creative Hands of Deaf Women is making all its effort to empower the deaf person in improving their life style and make them independent. So we are looking for the support from around the world. CHDW has no  income source of its own  to run the project activities neither the government provides any assistance for us.

Therefore, CHDW needs any kind of supports to helps run the organization’s activities. It has so many ideas as well as programs in mind to how to help the deaf women in Nepal. Now we have ten (10) deaf students with this organization who are receiving training in sewing.